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Discover 2 scenarios where tech pros can plan strategically their career!

Olivier Langlois, IT superstar coach, Hacking LinkedIn Formula author
by Olivier Langlois

During my 15 years of experience, I had the opportunity to work with and learn from very talented tech pros. Over the years and in all the different industries into which I have worked, I have always worked with great, cool and passionate professionals having a lot of qualities but I have observed that something was usually missing in a lot of them...

Business instinct

It is not their fault. It is probably because of a lack of interest. Science and technology are moving so fast that it is a full time occupation to keep your knowledge up to date.

This article presents 2 situations where important career decisions considering business aspect can be taken by technology professionals:

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1. Discover about the growth potential of the company that you consider working for

Learn about the business plan of a potential employer. It should excite you and you should see the potential of it. If not maybe it is because the plan is not good. Take the habit to put a judgement on business plans of companies that interview you and if you do not feel the plan, you should pass the opportunity. By the way, this is an excellent job interview question, it flips a power switch. By asking a question like that to the interviewer, you are now qualifying the company and usually, in a buyer/seller interaction, it is the buyer that has it his way. I'll come back to this topic eventually...

Another good analogy that I like to use to explain the importance of that point. It is very similar to an investor looking for the best company to invest his money to optimize his ROI (Return On Investment). Time is your most valuable asset. Make sure that you invest it in the best possible company!

2. Choose carefully the technologies and tools that you learn

Another good habit is to make technological predictions (5-10 years) on which technologies are going to be successful on the market. These predictions will help to guide the technologies and tools that you decide to invest time and energy to learn and master. Try to predicts the programming languages, the platforms and the tools that will be in demand and focus your energy on them. Good choices will increase to marketability. Note that it is very hard to make good predictions but simply doing the exercise and basing your decisions on it will put you ahead of the competition.

Do not forget to advertise your newly acquired skills from your predictions. By being an early adopter of a successful technology will put you in an enviable position. To fully take advantage of this position, be sure that your LinkedIn profile and network are in the best condition that they can be.

If you need help with that, I can help you, I am offering advices to improve your LinkedIn profile that will teach you how to write a LinkedIn profile the right way.

how to write a LinkedIn profile

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